Experienced Life
2019-07-07 22:37:26 (UTC)

Loony -roomie

My crazy roommate has been put on a budget by her financial provider aka: Sister. She gets 100$ a week to play. Food, clothing, medical, etc, etc are all taken care of. The 100 is for her alcohol, cigarettes and play around money. Well, she only lasted 5 days before she ran out of money. She asked me with what little she has left to buy a bottle of wine from me. I said no. I'm not supporting her bad habit. Alcohol is one of them.

She threw a fit. I tried calmly talking to her telling her that I don't want to help her get alcohol or smokes because I feel it's wrong. She was still pissed. She then started blasting me saying my friend said I was in the wrong or something about me being wrong. Dunno. She is confusing. She couldn't even say her name. She had to point her emoji out on her cell phone and it showed sure enough my friend on there. I just laughed because these are friends I've known for over 20 years and they would not say that. So laughing at her made her even more pissed. She then said she is moving. Told her fine. Give me a 30 days notice and split.

Her Sister found out about it and said hell no. She isn't moving. It took so long to get her food stamps, paratransit, social security, in house health care provider, etc, etc, and it's all tied to where she lives. If she moves, all that paperwork needs to be started all over. So loony-roomie's sister said she isn't moving. Screw that and to not pay her any attention. I could care less either way. Peace and quiet or her 700 a month rent. All have it's positives and negatives. Life is too short.

Otherwise, the rest of the day was pretty good. I got to do more boring ass errands. I've neglected my Acura for awhile since I got my new Tacoma so I cleaned and waxed the Acura instead. I have to say it looks pretty nice when it's clean. it's 12 years old but I still love it. It's an 07 Acura TL. Still a fast car. Still looks styling in my eyes anyway.

No gym today. got to rest those aching muscles and yes, they do ache. By tomorrow, all my muscle pains will be all gone. Ready to rock out another week of crossfit :) Man oh man, working out sure does keep me sane. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have working out in my almost daily regime. I wouldn't know how else to cope with life's challenges. Funny thing, today, at church, someone came up to me and was saying something nice to me while I was pouring myself some coffee. This church has free coffee. Again, it's nice to no longer be invisible to the world. Still not used to it so when it happens, it's still a bit of a shock and I still scratch my head about it.