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2019-07-06 14:30:42 (UTC)

Saturday afternoon

Did the gym thing. It was pretty easy today. No hamstring workouts. We've been working on hamstrings almost every dang day. Finally, today was a lot but no hamstrings. Whew!! After that, went shopping at Costco. I didn't really need anything but did my impulse shopping thing. Texted my friends that aren't working or can't find a job yet and offered to buy them stuff so I did.

Got home. Did a few boring ass house cleaning stuff. Loony-roomy is here now outside with me in the family room. Sigh...... She's trying to chat with me and no matter how polite and short my responses are, she still freaking tries to talk to me. So I just completely shut her out and stopped responding to her. Can't we just watch the freakin TV? I know she's like a snake ready to say something dumb and/or stupid to get me off my happy mood.

Right now, I'm feeling so relaxed. Not much is bugging me. My boring ass house chores are somewhat all caught up. Just my loony-roomy here waiting to fuck up my mood. I posted on fb that I'm going to dinner tonight at this pretty good restaurant. It's dinner for two plus a bottle of wine for 25$. Can't go wrong with that :) If someone joins me, good. If not, still good. I like that place :)