Experienced Life
2019-07-06 08:25:28 (UTC)

Lunch with my gym friend?

So my gym friend is also a fb friend. I posted a healthy lunch pic and later that day, I saw her at the gym. She told me to let her know the next time I go to lunch and she'll join me. Hmmm. Never got asked to go to lunch like this before. She is very pretty too. Nothing to come out of it I'm sure but just being a friendly human being. But hey, she is nice eye candy to have lunch with and we actually got closer this year at the gym chatting during the quiet moments. She actually is closer to me than a lot of other people there. Not as close as my Superstar friend but I feel I can trust her. She's cool. Lucky to have her as a friend. And it's always a nice confidence builder to have someone wanting your company and to have lunch with you.

Not sure what I'm doing today. Got invited to go to the lake to hang out but it's a no alcohol allowed lake so forget that. haha. There is one more gym class in about an hr but I have this nagging not normal pain on my right leg at the hip. Of course, I got the normal gym pains that comes with working out but I can deal with that pain :) I may still go. Too determined or maybe addicted not to.

A lot of newer gym peeps vanished when they finally gave up on getting their summer body. No quick fixes for that. You have to be consistent and not just try to kick butt for a few months. My weight is good. Usually, during the weekend when I eat crappy food. I get my normal weight of 160. But lately, I've been consistently at 155 lbs. No six pack yet. I think I'm starting to realize that I have to really cut down on the wine drinking to get this. Hmmm..

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