Do Not Disturb

2019-07-04 22:11:30 (UTC)

Mixed Signals

Didn’t go to work today. Instead I went to the country and popped some fireworks with my fam .

Q kept trying to get my attention the whole time down their. I refused. He even tried holding my hands at once but I let go.

Andre still wanna have sex with me even though he says he’s not using me for sex and said that I was lying when I told him that he is and when he knows that he is. And now he’s telling me to leave him alone because I told him otherwise. I mean the guy can’t even tell me that he’s not using me for sex.

How pathetic?

And then he tells me that I’m annoying because I keep bringing it up. About him using me for sex. I don’t know what to believe.

My ex also kept saying how annoying I was for texting him back when he texted me first like get over yourself. You broke up with me. Not the other way around. So this time I blocked him on MeetMe. Feels pretty good. Need more time to process though. And that I will do on my birthday. Maybe even get drunk a little.

I’ve been talking to this guy name Dan on snap back and forth. Nothing serious. I hope he knows that.

I wore a really cute dress that has flowers all over it that my mom bought for me at the $10 store. I wonder if, they have some more. I even got my hair braided but yesterday.

Get paid again on the 15th. Can’t wait but I know it’s not gonna be much and I know my schedule’s gonna be fucked up next week because I called out.

From now on, their will be no more calling out unless it’s for important reasons only. This has only been my second time calling out . I think. I’m finding me another job anyways. Feel like forever working their and it’s only been six months now. I don’t wanna work at a fast food forever.

Work late tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. Wonder who I’m working with tomorrow night. Hopefully it’s not Dal... Or Ms. Terrie.

- A