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2019-07-04 23:42:29 (UTC)

Let it all go..

That was my first time to take the plane, to travel abroad, to listen to people around speaking another language that I don't understand, to talk to strangers on the street without feeling judged by whoever is.
I always craved for human connection. I don't know why it's so very badly seen here. or who made it feel so in my heart.
It was my first time to be myself. To worry my own fears and seek my own pleasures.
A sweet memory engraved on my heart, to which I return every time I listen to this song "Let il all go" and in which I dwell when my right-now doesn't feel like a perfect home.
"Let it all go" was the song I played on my way from Sfax to Tunis airport in Amou Chaker's car.

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