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2019-07-04 11:37:00 (UTC)

Chit chat on Elevators and Supermarkets

It's still happening. Still find it strange. For so many years now, I go into elevators and each time, no one ever initiates any conversations with me. Been to Vegas, Hawaii, and other building that had many stories. Yet no one with ever strike up a conversation.

Nowadays at our work elevator or at a hospital elevator, people starts chatting with me. I'm still not used to it. Very weird and sometimes I don't even answer because I don't realize their talking to me. I assume they have their earbuds on and is talking on the phone with someone. But nope, it's directed at me. Where the hell were all these people before? I know why and it's sad that it's like this but I know it's because I lost weight and sorta look toned a little. Like a Spongebob Square pants character but instead of looking square, I'm more rectangle. lol The thing is that I know the world is cruel and it can be shallow.

Just like in the supermarket. I used to not ever have to say a word and not have to speak with anyone and no one would speak to me. Except maybe for the cashier asking paper or plastic. They ask stuff like what I have in my cart and if it's good and do I like it? Well, yeah I like it. It's 2 Bucks and the finest brand of pork grinds? haha. Man! How do I answer to things like that?
One day just for kicks I'm going to grab pile of family pack condoms, put it in my cart and walk around the aisles just to see what they'd say now :) Where were those people when I was heartbroken by my ex wife fooling around on me and leaving me by myself when she left and took the kids? Where were these people when I needed just someone to talk to and just wanted a friend? Where were those people when I was back mentally feeling good again but overweight? I was still the same loving kind person I am now. Where were they then? Now that I'm not as fat, only now they talk to me?

But I gotta say. When I'm in my truck or hanging around my truck, I do notice it does help me socially. WTH is that huh? For just owning a cool truck? Haha. Funny world. Last lady that sat in my truck said it was orgasmic!!! That was what she said. Ok, I'm a believer :)