■ Captain's Log ■
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2019-07-04 17:00:32 (UTC)

Meet myself-A short speculation novel i wake up fresh today. What time is it? 5 am.. strange that dream in my mind again. The night if i was just too curious to see myself for the last time with if God judge me a sin. And any means of the street lights..
Anyways..its Thuresday. My neighbor friend's motor bike was dead yesturday. I have got to help him.. the time until after lunch was mindful. Some sort of telepath to accompany Japan politeness at a distance table. I believe i am ready to help my friend with a new motorbike. And he insist for another day. ok, brother.
I am bored in the afternoon again by myself. The calendar remind me of without knowing the end. This world i live in is just about my motor bikes limit. Yet, i do not know how far my internet can go. so plenty of time, i found some books in the bookstore i like to buy. Its the last month of summer as it is July. The traffic is miserable as the car and the motorbike scorn each other. But at least im on my motorbike. I know which side i am in. But the only thing i do not know is what to do to my dad's Benley car if he ever leaves. And i guess i should know if God judges me sin for it..
At this age of 43.. i feel i have seen the most as i am still able to see. And my dream recalls me today if i ever will go to see myself..i barely know the darknest ended as i wake up. Like use to, i feel going out to see whats new again. The 3C store got my interest with their promote TV showing head line news. I stop there. oh, a police got killed.. I did not like the polic much niether.. and then the next news, a person drove his car killed people on the side walk with no responsibility. Why was i watching it anyways. All i know is the killer taste the life of be killed. Why it was on TV.
i greet the store manager then left kept on walking my route. The little boy sat on the bench i pass by.. i tried my best to let this kid know if God is all you have, you have all you need. He waved alittle at me then i was gone. The other kids played a ball like addicted.. i was out of there to get it out of my sight. On my way home, the police was on duty this time on the streets. I stick my tongue to them and i got my words. I just hated when there is no answer to my question. And the question is hard to ask. At this age, i still remember the feeling loosing parents. But it was all lies.
Able to have dinner with dad today. Felt nothing anyways.. and the end, do i know my creator. The means of meeting myself..the end. Is any words to say about life, if i made it to eternity by Jesus. Or today is my last day before i go to bed as a sin. Meeting myself..a dead end. and i refuse to leave my dream. Does anyone knows where am I?

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