Experienced Life
2019-06-30 19:58:46 (UTC)

Nice quiet day

Almost a drama free day. Did laundry. Went to church. Washed my car at the car wash. Then came home and waxed my truck in the garage while listening to Pandora. Treated my driver and passenger rubber gaskets with 303 to keep it clean and preserved. Truck looks freaking great. I was at 158 today so I kept healthy and ate brocollie and chicken.

Now I'm in the family room watching TV with roomy-looney. She was talking a little bit. I try to be nice but I pretty much don't listen to her. She's so drunk again. Triple shots of tequila and now drinking her box wine. She should be passing out shortly. It's 9PM and this is her bedtime.

OK, so to get rid of her, I asked if she took her pill yet. It's 9PM and I let know so she can get out of here. She thanked me and as she walked pass me, I could smell the tequila fumes permeating out from her.

Now I can have a nice quiet rest of the night to myself. :)