Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-06-30 16:50:55 (UTC)

Gender Wage Gap (is it even debatable)

Should genders be treated equally in the work force? Duh...
But should specific people be given equality? Of course!
I say half-assing your work and not getting full pay sounds like equality! People say women get paid less, do you think it’s because they are giving less effort? I must say that probably has something to do with it. My dad worked at circle k, women were never useful... how do i know? Phone calls. He was sick to his stomach was really tired because he actually recently got home from work 4 hours ago and he’s called in because some bitch decided to go home early for no apparent reason, and no she didn’t get fired... not until my dad fired her once he became manager. People think you can grab two random paychecks and compare it easily.... yeah i think we are all aware a teacher gets paid less then then a CEO of a bank. That has to do with the job itself not gender! dumbass. And if you really want to go teacher with teacher well I actually got some information of MY PERSONAL MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS, and most of the females were paid most. Males fell in between of all females. Do you really think there’s a wage gap? Or do you think some people just received back all their efforts in pay. Giving petty work, gets you petty pay.

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