Scream Above the Sounds
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2019-06-30 00:06:29 (UTC)

Sleepless Nights II

I've been sleeping so bad in the last week or so; maybe even earlier than that, since I changed my room around, which was almost a month ago now. I don't know if it is down to that, sleeping just feels extremely challenging at the moment. It's not like I have stuff on my mind, I mean I do, but nothing I can really change or is worth stressing over; nothing that should be keeping me up. I mean, the heat is certainly a factor. The last day or two have been incredible in terms of weather.

I climbed a mountain with one of my best friends yesterday. I say 'A mountain', technically it was three; they are really close together though and all kinda lead on from one another, so we'll call it a mountain. It was the three peaks of Brecon, known to most people/tourists as Pen-y-fan. It was extremely challenging and I had only climbed two mountains prior to this. This was by far the toughest. I think we had walked about 14 miles in total. We got there about 9:30am and after embarking, admiring and coming back down, that must have taken us about 5 and a half hours maybe. It was a good day. A hell of a work out, if you ever want to train legs, just do a mountain!

I felt really bad this morning though. My legs were in agony, my right knee especially. I was supposed to attend one of my best friends BBQ's he had planned but I just couldn't make it. I've hardly left my bed today. I managed to do 20 minutes on the exercise bike and then I sat in an ice cold bath for an hour. Picture Chandler from Friends, you know the scene? That was me. It was pure tranquillity. The past few hours I've just been lazing in bed and watching streamers play and complete impossible levels in Super Mario Maker 2. I really need to get this game, it looks so much fun.

I'm still wide awake and there is a wrestling pay-per-view on that I could watch to keep me busy, but I honestly just want to lie in bed and not have to really focus or pay attention to anything. Just completely zone out naked, with my fan blaring and maybe some light music in the background; just bide my time until I eventually (hopefully!) fade away.


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