Do Not Disturb

2019-06-29 20:23:37 (UTC)

He blocked me ???

Or, at least I think he did.

I tried texting him and it said he’s not receiving messages at the moment on messenger.

He told me how I push men away and that was the only reason why I couldn’t keep a man also because he said I was crazy as fuck.

How am I crazy when I am most certain that he read my messages last night and didn’t respond ?

Now it really got me thinking if, I’m really am crazy. I’m so stupid for falling for a guy like him.

I wish I never meet him honestly. Talking about how he never leave me and that I was all he got. That’s bullshit talking.

I blocked his number but it’s never like he texted me and/ or called me anyways.

I still feel like crying.

I told my mom about it. She told me that she is most certain that he blocked me. Now she blocked him. He stopped paying attention to me. Barely answered my texts. He doesn’t answer my calls like he use to when we first started dating.

I hate him. I know I’m not suppose to hate anyone but him I hate.

I hate how I keep getting attached to guys that’s not even worth my time.

So, K quiet. The only girl that I talk to to whole I was at work even though she ignored me most of them time or, was it because I wasn’t speaking loud enough for her to hear me. People tell me that a lot.

The only reason why I’m still even working at Wendy’s was because I need the money. I’m still looking for another job though.

I get paid Monday.

I’m gonna try and see if, I can get Thursday off since it’s the 4th of July. Probably so.

I think it’s best if, I stay single now.

Asked the boss lady to see if I can work today and tomorrow. I want to and yet I don’t want to.

I was suppose to work till ten today. And till eleven tomorrow. Now I really won’t have anyone to talk to their.

I mean I talk to Bri but she always had this mean look on her face. She even sounds mean like she has a problem with me or something but its whatever.

The same reason why I like staying to myself. I’m only their to make money anyways not to make friends.

No one’s really my friend.

Well, I text M. but that’s about it.

I hope I get my check tomorrow while I’m at work. Most likely it will happen.

I shouldn’t have asked to work today but it’s whatever.

My mom’s to lazy to drive me anywhere right now. Correction. She’s to tired to drive me anywhere right now. So, I guess we’ll try again tomorrow.

I wish I could drive right about now. I hope to get my license before my birthday this year. I turn 21.

I really wanna quiet that job honestly .

I’m going back to school in August.

So, my mom asked if, I wanted to go to work today even though I already called up their to see if, I could work today and tomorrow ( which I shouldn’t have because their probably expecting me ).

Is it a bad thing for me to not go up their since I called and they didn’t?

- A

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