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2019-06-29 04:25:06 (UTC)


I'm hurting so badly right now. I know I'm not perfect but I'm true to myself, and understand people what they're feelings right. But there was apart of me that sometimes they'll never understand me at all. I might be a bad girl but I have a good heart who has respect to people. I don't want to go back in the darkness place like an prison. I don't want to be depressed again and again, it;s hard to control the suicidal thought but I always and believe to myself and believe that the beauty of the world. I overthinking too much, sometimes I cannot sleep at night and cry silently. Sometimes I always hang out with my friend to forget that I'm sad but when its done. it's never forgotten. I am so down, always looking myself down because I know to myself I am useless and I cannot see I am worth it to people that surrounds me. Since that day, no one there no one just me, I always encountered to myself listening to music and watch Netflix. It's hard to me so hard so hard, sometimes I cannot handle all of those. Sometime cry in the best way to feel better.

I know sometimes we are in the dark place sometimes some of them cannot escape because they can't handle the situation but sometimes of us can handle it because there was a beautiful people waiting for us and we can come back our smile again

-Love Ky_