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2019-06-28 19:51:16 (UTC)


"King Fish Pies" by Midlake [reminds me a little of the Spinto Band as far as sound goes... plus weird folktale vibes, I like it]

June 28, 2019 Friday 7:53 PM

Another rocky day! I did not eat. We were having a celebration for a co-worker towards the end of the workday, so I had a shot of tequila and it managed to both effect me and remain in my system for about an hour, so I was impressed and pleased with that. Not enough ADH, my liver screams, lmao. But then I got sad again after so I bought a calzone and ate that plus the rest of my blueberries and some cookie dough. I have no sense of moderation, I swear.

Sad-happy all day, mostly I did not talk to anyone. It can be hard sometimes. I'm around all these people and then I'm lonely? Guess that's the age-old issue, haha. I mean it's better than last summer. Now a library is as alone as you can get. Being sad I wanted to die, lmao. Want. I might go to the park and sit down for awhile, watch the sunset. Maybe set up my tripod, film it. I dunno, we'll see. Something to fill up the hours.

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