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Do Not Disturb

2019-06-25 21:12:21 (UTC)

Money, Money, Money

Why everyone coming to me all of a sudden about money???

Like today, my Grandma just asked me can she “ borrow” some money and that she’ll “pay me back”. I lied and told her I don’t have any left well I lied and said that I only have $20 left. She then asked me if my mom has been borrowing any of my money. I lied again and shook my head no. I know it’s not good to lie especially to your family but I had a perfectly good reason too. I’m tired of people asking for my money and me not getting anything in return out of it. Maybe not all the time but sometimes.

I get paid again Monday. I think.

Has it been two weeks already ???

Two more days till my boyfriend comes back and two more days until I get my “ big surprise”.

12:06 AM~ Worked tonight from 5-11. Work tomorrow from ten in the morning to who knows what time in the evening.

One more day till I see him. Tomorrow is that day till I see him. At least I hope.

- A