always wth love

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2019-06-24 18:53:07 (UTC)

Good Terms (Broke Us)

June 24,2019
Hey am back
I am writing you guys a piece of what has happened a month ago, my graduation in May. It was tough year but id made through it and disconnected from my mother now and i felt good. My grandpa came to another graduation and even if he couldnt come i wouldve have understood that to. He made my day because i havent seen him in 5 yrs since i was 19 then, and on the way to my graduation at 25, my mom and my brother are getting ready to leave the driveway. i havent seen my ex (since he left) , and i was sitting in the back seat of the BMW on the right side of the passenger. am the first one to see him then my mom she asked me if i knew he was back home and i knew that, but i stay silent on that question for months. I was smiling seeing him for first over so many months and i asked God for that just see him once more. Since then, i dont trust love like did before and so i have isolating myself quite more because sometimes am in denial a bit. Im hoping to feel better soon(it will probably a year trust myself again), we still talk like we have done in the past . i thank God still that id my very first bf it was James, am glad we are good friends still.I had passed all classes. I talked to lorena and sarah that amazing as fuck because i miss talking them. This song "Broke Us" bring old feels by Cierra Ramirez ft. Trevor Jackson . Well that all, Its finally summer almost July soon, always wth love.