Do Not Disturb

2019-06-23 21:22:05 (UTC)


Wow! I just spent 17 dollars in all at a book store and only $2 left. No worries I still have money left just didn’t bring it all with me so I wouldn’t spend it all with me.

Here’s a list :

1). Journal
2). 2 ink pins
3). I got hungry a bit so I had two brownies even though it’s really not considered food just something to snack on I guess.
4). Then after that I got really thirsty so I got something to drink instead that was $2.08 but since I didn’t have any change with me since I left my wallet at home I gave $3.00 in for change so now I have $2.00 left.

The journal itself was nine dollars and some change.

Oh well.

You spend some. You lose some.

- A

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