Do Not Disturb

2019-06-23 19:33:12 (UTC)


Couldn’t really get any sleep last night. I was busy to busy thinking about my boyfriend and what he’s doing on that damn cruise wishing that I would’ve gone but that’s what I get for not paying on time.

Next time someone plans something I’m saving not giving anyone shit including my mom. Sorry mom but, this girl needs some fun in her life besides working all the time.

My mom was saying how bad she felt because I didn’t go. I mean if, she wanted me to go so badly why would she waste some of my money ( not all some) on casino money and she didn’t even win anything back.

Next time I’m saying,” No!”

No to everything.

I can’t wait for hint to come back to see what “ surprise” he’s talking about giving me. Probably something small and simple.

Will I like it???

Of coarse I will.

His birthday is in a couple of months. He will be 20 and I will be 21 in 3 to 4 months.

So, one of my cousins just called through Snapchat but only to tell me to tell my brother Noah to answer the phone for whatever reason.

I saw Chloe in the background so I’m guessing their taking her home.

It sucks that I don’t have anyone to talk to while my boyfriend is going on this cruise doing who knows what with who knows what.

I just wish that I had a best friend someone that I can talk to about my feelings instead of just writing down in a journal.

So, they didn’t have the book that I wanted and that sucks because I was really looking forward to reading it. It’s a poetry book that everyone’s been talking about called “ The Life of a Wanna Be Mogul” By: Bella Thorne. And so instead I bought this cute journal that had writings all over it and butterflies and 2 ink pens hoping that they work. Even though I have enough journals as is.

I can’t help it. I just love to write. And that’s why I started writing my very own poetry book it’s called “ Somewhat Like Poetry” because it is “ Somewhat Like Poetry”.

I really wish I gotten on that cruise. I didn’t know I was gonna be this bored but it’s only 6 days and he’ll be back before you know it.

I also wished I’d had a car but I have to have a license to do that but I’m slowly learning.

My Grandma has also gave me this really cute ring that I really LOVE that I’m wearing right now and at this moment.

I love it.

She totally gets me.

- A

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