2019-06-23 13:18:13 (UTC)


Where is all of this rage coming from?
It's like if I get it, I can't stop it. It's no wonder Jake used to be so motivated by it.
Maybe I should piss myself off more often.
That seems to do the trick. Especially when I need to focus down.
I've been letting Overwatch get the best of me way too often.
And on top of my family leaving for a month to Puerto Rico, I'm suddenly in charge of taking care of the house while I'm gone.
It's a goddamn shame that this is what I've been fucking reduced to.
Nobody wants to help me out here. Nobody at all.
I went to Pridefest and I had a hell of a time there. Even PK gave me ten dollars for whatever.
But I'm getting very quickly tired of him being a "Mexican mom," whatever the fuck that means.
I'm 22 years old. I don't need to be told how to fucking take care of myself.
He better hope he's not my next target.