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UnDiscovered Girl
2019-06-23 17:41:16 (UTC)

About Last Night

I had a great time at my Cousin’s sweet 16 everyone came including my ex and which wasn’t awkward at all.

We talked but only as friends because I already have a boyfriend. JT is my boyfriend. My cousin best friend R came also her ex best friend Chloe ( which must’ve been very awkward for the both of of them but she didn’t seem to mind). But she payed Chloe no attention at all whatsoever. She was to busy being hung over this boy that was 2 years younger than her ( she’s 16 so you do the math) who is tall as fuck by the way and doesn’t even look half the age he says he is.

I also wore my tie die shirt ( or however you spell it) today ( which was a big mistake because I got it all over my pink shorts that my mom bought for me to wear with it).

I wore both that all under my one piece blue bathing suit.

I tried this new Brisk Pineapple Passionfruit yesterday that I got at the gas station.

Obviously, it was good since I drunk it all but I’d still prefer the watermelon kind while my brother prefers the pink.

Kiyia was trying to hook Chloe and up with a “ 13 year old” or so he says. I believe he’s lying about his age to get close to Chloe and she seems to be doing just fine through it. And they don’t even know each other.

He kept trying to get her attention but she didn’t want it.

It’s already been one day and I’m already missing him like crazy.

He’s probably forgotten about me. I hope he hasn’t forgotten about me. I pray he hasn’t forgotten about me.

- A

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