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2019-06-23 08:00:57 (UTC)

Sunday morning update

I woke up early this morning to catch up with my emails and work.
I need to make sure I am on top of my emails, my children's school activities - this is quite difficult as they dont live with me, one of the perils of divorce. I also want to be on top of all the information I need to know and understand regarding the business processes and knowledge of my new work place. I also need to ensure I am abreast with all the technology needed to excel in my job. For my job I have to ensure that I do my work in a timely and structured manner and provide regular feedback to my boss. My boss is God sent, she empowers me and gives me confidence and promotes me. I am a bit diffident - at work but hopefully it will get better as I acquire more knowledge.

My Sunday football will reach a watershed moment today as we look to restructure the organisation and possibly have new elections. I will be going there in a few hours time to have this meeting.

Linda is away with her friends in the Philippines. We had a little rhubarb because she tried calling me when I was in my friend's house socialising and didnt see the missed call. She has been a bit distant in our phone conversations since then but things should be ok. She is back at the end of the coming week. I do miss her while she was out there. I do enjoy our union and love spending time with her and I am so impress with her drive and ambitions and how she manages all the different business, professional and personal interests and activities she does. I have a reservation regarding finance. She is very comfortable and enjoys buying things for herself which is fair enough but she also likes me to buy things for her which will be a pleasure but I dont think I am there yet financially. If I am honest with myself I dont even think I am anywhere close to having a relationship right now that will involve spending money beyond my tight budget at the moment. That worries me.