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2019-06-22 14:29:02 (UTC)

Staying busy to keep my sanity

Fighting the fight to not get depressed. Ok, I already know that I need to keep busy. Gets my mind off of stupid things. Didn't make it to the gym today but it's ok I've averaged 5 times a week this month.. I'll hit the gym 5-6 times. Strength is good. Weight is good. Can't tell if my body is shredding fat and gaining muscle since I see myself everyday but I'm hoping it is. Didn't feel like having lunch with my looney-roomie.. haha. I think this is her new nickname. I figure the more I avoid her, the better for me. so I went out to have lunch which is actually quite nice to eat a meal by myself. I love how the tab is less than 20 bucks :) Wasn't like that in the past.

Got a call while I was having lunch. It's from one of the friends that went whiskey tasting today. They wanted to come over and do a dinner thing. I didn't feel like it and I was supposed to call them when I got home. I got home later and didn't call. I was contemplating calling since I did say I would call but instead, I fell asleep. haha.

When I got home and saw looney-roomie in the family room watching tv asking me if I had fun today. That's all she says to me or how was your day. But I know she has an evil streak in her ready to bust out and say something mean so I just smile or say fine and ask her the same exact question. Once I completed my obligatory fine response answers and questions, I really didn't feel like sitting down in that family room. I already started to hear some babbling about something from looney-roomie that I was not going to participate in.. So while I was in the kitchen next to the family room, I just quietly walked (ninja like) to my bedroom and left her to her own antics. That's when I fell asleep. Or should I say when I took my power nap :)

Texted my friend that I just woke up. No response from her.They did come from wine tasting so they all may have passed out too. I want my quiet time today. I'm not an introvert but sometimes I like being alone for my mind to reset. Not having to mingle or have people listen to me conversing. I'm supposed to be somewhat a court jester and they like the spontaneous things that come out of my mouth. Makes people laugh and I guess the world needs to laugh as much as possible. I'm a little burnt out this week. I guess from the intense training we had last week and the work piled up for me to have to start whacking away at starting this coming Monday.

There is a movie on at the cheap seats theater that I may go to. It's cheap and it's killing time so I may go do that. Movie starts in T minus 45 min. I live only about 12 min away and they start a lot of previews before that so it's more like T minus 60 min to start time. By the time I get home, it'll be past looney-roomie's bedtime so that'll make it a complete day of peace and blissfully stress free day :)

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