deanne and Connor

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2019-06-22 08:37:05 (UTC)

Here on My Bday!

I am here baby and the palace seems to be offline or something? Any clue whats going on?


my second attempt to post this -- first time i lost connection.
Sorry about this in-laws stopped in for coffee, etc and i didnt have a chance to let You know.
So sorry i didn't get to see You on Your Bday.....i will make it up to You.....promise!
And i completely forgot about the "rent" renewal for the palace, so they turned it off. i went and paid the renewal and it should be back on very soon.
i will do my very best tomorrow but Sunday is always questionable.
Are you going out to celebrate tonight? We're just home for a low key evening and BBQ a steak for dinner. Hope Your evening is fun-filled.....xoxo