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2019-06-22 01:33:26 (UTC)

Bad Day

I was supposed to go camping with a group of around 40 today. Issue at the gate and they would not let me in. It was only a 2.5 hr drive. Couldn't get my peeps to call or come to the office. Cell service was dead there. So...... another 2.5 hr drive back home. I was hungry so I went to a couple of drive throughs. Even though I'm not into fast foods, I wanted something quick and easy.

First stop. Taco Bell. Line was too long. 2nd stop? Burger King. They didn't even say anything like "we're closed". Nope. Just waited in drive through for awhile. Got nothing from them.
3rd stop? Another Taco Bell. They were close to closing so they couldn't serve me. I asked about the two in front of me and they said that they too will have to just pass. When we got to the cashier, I saw the two cars in front of me paying and getting food. Sigh.... I hate people sometimes. haha.

I ended up just going home and grilled a steak. Made myself some very strong drinks. I doubt I can make the morning gym class. :)
Tired. Drove around 5 hrs today to nowhere. Chat with you folks later :)

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