Do Not Disturb

2019-06-21 19:12:45 (UTC)

Get Over It

Still upset that I can’t go on a cruise that I desperately wanted to go but didn’t pay for because I had to help my mom. I mean I didn’t have to help her since most of my money that she used she spent on the casino trying to get more money out of it but didn’t and that is why I don’t go to casinos because they jack all your money up. It’s a curse. So, now I won’t be seeing my boyfriend at all at least not until he gets back and that I doubt will happen. Not like he’s been wanting to see me anyways. He says he has a surprise for me but... Will he actually give it to me when he gets back??? Will he actually call me to let me know he’s back in town ??? Back home. Safe. I’m suppose to go on a trip in July with my dad and his girlfriend but they haven’t said where yet well they probably know where I guess it’s suppose to be a “ surprise”.

Now that I have to actually work since I’m not going on that damn cruise. It sucks that you’re boyfriend is going to be going and I’m not and I was really looking forward to it. My boss is on vacation so the managers is in charge. Their making us clean up everything to keep us “ occupied “. One time one of the managers had me cleaning the bottom of the tables legs at work and I actually had to get down on my knees. At least that was the only side I had to while this other girl Audri had to clean off every leg of the chairs.

I’m suppose to be doing my tie die shirt today but unfortunately I have to work because my cousin sweet 16 is tomorrow. I wish I had a sweet 16 but didn’t. I turn 21 in 4 months so that’s even more exciting than, turning 16. She’s having a Hawaiian 🌺 themed party with a slip and slide and everything and that means that I have to wear a swimsuit. My one piece swimsuit.

I work today from 5-11. I need something to get my mind of not going on the cruise with my boyfriend and his family. Maybe next time if their ever is a next time.

- A