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2019-06-21 15:36:40 (UTC)

What to say....?

My last post was abt how all is well. Well, i was in bubble might be 2 days back monku share me about his problem that his job is in danger, his company is looking for new team replacing existing one to chat the cost of salaries and he is part of that team. He has been looking for a job from long time is what he says but he is not getting it. He is upset as hell. Also his bloody father asked money from him for their medical expenses 20k a month for a background his parents works well still asks from him coz his dad has a picture that he earns lavish and has lot to give. Monku is stupid to believe them not share his current situation.
Dad still has charbi in his gand. He still shouts mom, yell if food is served little late and bothers her. Donno when we getting g chutkara from him.
Job is just for sake yaar. It's just going for a sake. Stupids reports and campaign nothing to learn. Soon will change.
Now, vecausenof monku news m scared of bad times falling on us. Financial problem after marriage is bothering. My mood to prep wedding has gone somewer. Only 4 months left and nothing merry thing is happening. No happy wala feeling.
Donno when struggles are gonna get our and good times will arrive. M scared whatever good I imagined after marriage will happen or not. It's gonna be tough that way but have to grow strong.
I hope vaibhav gets job ASAP. God pls bless us.