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2019-06-09 18:30:06 (UTC)

Random update

Life has been good so far. Days are passing fast and only 4 months are remaining for wedding. I have almost booked the things which were needed to like banquet, photographer and parlour. Rest will be done gradually, also when his parents arrive and we discuss on final matters. Many things are pending like passport renewal, honeymoon booking, wedding clothes and some furniture. Excited and nervous too. My life is going to change. Finally something new is going to happen. I want to enjoy my wedding to fullest.
I hope things will be happier after marriage, I know monku is gonna alive now care me so do I but, also I pray that there would be always be peace, harmony, understanding between us.
Well, now time for updates
Shambhavi and I broke up she like everytime shitted something stupid and we are done. Actual done with such stupid moron whom I call my friend pheww well whatever happens happen for a reason.
I am watching 2 broke girls these days it's sitcom and fun to watch.
Office work suck like all time but survival is the word my love. I got 2k ka increment yuhoo I plan to switch after wedding.
Sis is stressed abt her fertility so do I.
Dad hemoglobin dropped again to 4mg phewww.
Mom is better
All good for now. I expect a lot I'm coming years but I have to make a move professionally. Let's see how and when.
Summer is here and it is hot as duck without ac so I am here in living sleeping with my matress down I'm floor making a cozy space with pilowws all over and my loving it. Yes I am cribbing now but I'll Miss this later after marriage. Many things I'll miss actually. Ok weekend is over time to sleep
Gnda love... Life....