Do Not Disturb

2019-06-20 16:11:59 (UTC)

Don’t you hate it

When someone doesn’t text you back but views your story on messenger like...

What does it all mean ???

Does it mean they don’t wanna talk to you ???

Ignoring you???

Or their just viewing ppl stories???

When you know for a fact that they see your messages. I hate being ignored especially by the ones you loved. That hurts the most.

6:02 AM

Just got off work about an hour ago. I’m tired as fuck to be honest with you. When I’m finish with this entry I’m taking me the longest nap to be ever existed. I had chick- fil- a today for lunch. I didn’t really feel like getting anything at my job even though I get to get discounts. I was sick and tired of eating Wendy’s so I went to Chick- fil- A. The people their are so nice. I would love to work their. But the Again, I don’t feel like getting to know everyone when I already know everyone at my job. We got a couple of new folks also. I’m getting better at my job though.

Okay, I’m gonna go to sleep now even though it’s like 6:08 PM.

- A