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2019-06-19 18:29:55 (UTC)

Day 3 of 5 training

Learning more Network IT stuff this week. The pace is pretty good. Lot's of new things to learn. I'm learning about Data Center Spine and leaf deployment using Juniper QFX 5000 and 10000 series. Yada-Yada-yada......... Two more days of training.

The youtube vids I've been watching is now discussing how to be attractive. Not by makeup or any physical stuff although going to the gym is always highly suggested. Well, that is a big check for me. No problem there. The other thing discussed was confidence. They say that this is a very sexy thing. So today during lunch, I saw that cute lady at the salad place I go to. She goes there about as often as I do. Anyway, today I was standing in line behind her and just decided to chat with her. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her that I see her here at the restaurant and that she must go even more frequently than I do. She smiled and said no she doesn't. Then I introduced myself and I asked her her name. Her name is Alina. She has a Spanish accent and it was sweet. Then I asked her what gym she goes to because she looks very fit. She told me she goes to 24 hr fitness. and made her smile even more. I told her I go to a different gym. Then I asked if she goes to the gym 5 days a week to stay fit. She replied saying she'd like to go 5 times a week but doesn't. So it was a nice sweet innocent way to finally break the ice. After months of telling my friends she is my virtual wife (and we always laugh when I say that), I finally am communicating with her. We paid and she had to wait for her food to be made. Mine came pretty quick and she initiated a conversation with me. She asked if I was having a salad and I said yup. I told her that at my gym, the instructor asks everyone in the gym what they had for lunch. If it was not healthy, he makes the entire class do a couple of burpees. So if 40 in a class mess up, we end up doing a whole heck of a lot of burpees. No bueno. Anyway, that was a nice part of my day. I was happy that I finally spoke to her.

Gym class was fun today too. All the nice people I'm sorta close to were there today :) That made me happy. All my buddies male and female. We had a lot of fun as usual. Superstar was there too. So we always end up being and doing silly things like doing high fives with our feet while doing plank jacks. Stupid stuff we make up. . She hasn't been coming regularly this past 4 weeks so she was feeling it today when she was working out. I saw it and giggled. Made small fun of her because I never see her run out of gas. She even admitted today that she is out of shape. Just missing a week or two can really change your endurance, stamina, strength, etc, etc. But I made sure I pushed her to keep going and make her smile like she does to me. Final thing we had to do was take a lap around our building. I didn't start out first but I ended up coming back in first :) Yeah!!! Fun fun fun!!

Then....... I came home. Roomie wanted to chat and all she does was bitch bitch bitch about things. I tried to keep it positive but she was just too much. Told her that I don't want to talk to her anymore and she finally said ok. But of course, she had to put in her last words about something and they were just being stupid hurtful words. Well, too bad. Sucks to be her. She's just here for the 700 a month I need from her. So I almost had a perfect day until she started opening her mouth. What a downer. Negative people can stay out of my life. No room for them. Sorry, I know church says to love your neighbor and to be humble but I don't need her verbal abuse. No time for that shit.

Overall, it was a nice day.

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