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2019-06-19 19:04:32 (UTC)

Prompt 028: Future Changes

28. Do you think the future will bring positive changes, negative changes, or a mix of both? What is some evidence to support your answer?

Like in most things, "positive" and "negative," at least in terms of value judgments, are a matter of perspective.

For example, if I were a rank-and-file capitalist, then I'd say sure, things are going to be positive in the future. My goal of a career in finance and real estate speculation is really gonna pay off, the hedge funds I've had my eye on are expected to increase in value at least in the short term, my contacts in China tell me of how tech over there is blowin' up, etc. etc. They'll have money for days! No worries! The world is my oyster!

But those people are sociopaths. I'd like to distance myself from them.

I'd rather focus on the land base, and how it's being poisoned and putrefied through human activity. Through the exploitation of the natural world. Abuse and exploitation of the worker, of women, of children. Of nuclear proliferation, of war crimes, of coverups, of racism, of classism.

How can anyone expect the world will become any "better"?

Case in point: essay at "Everything Connects" that describes human overpopulation of this planet as a major environmental issue, particularly so in regard to elemental resources in short - and dwindling - supply, such as fresh water.

Meanwhile, those on the conservative (or at least Republican) side of the so-called debate can only crow about the Green New Deal and how that's a dumpster fire in the making, or the first wave of American Socialism, or some other alarmist bleating in an effort to maintain the status quo. Here's but one website, providing a host of editorials:

I could present evidence of a similar vein regarding racism and the supposed "white genocide," the threat of the underclass deposing the rich minority through a populist rebellion... The devolution of public education in the United States thanks to generations of systemic inequality, redlining, and even more funneling of public funds into the hands of the corrupt and greedy few wealthy folks... The plight of the rural drug addict, ignored by the Capitol Hill they steadfastly support... Inflation of prescription medication prices by a factor of more than 100... It goes on.

What vision is left for future generations? A world rife with poverty for the extreme majority of humans. A world with nothing but polluted land and water. A world of constant surveillance and control asserted by authoritarian, upper-class rich folks who have sucked the wealth away from their "consumers," leaving them with nothing except a promise of indentured servitude.