Submissive Thoughts
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2019-06-19 11:05:41 (UTC)

Dropping . . .

I miss the big Kahuna this morning. We spent Thursday - Monday seeing each other and yesterday we did not see each other and barely spoke. Now the drop is setting in. Normally I would see daddy tonight but I have plans to see friends I have not seen in months. I spoke to daddy a few minutes this morning but it was one of those vanilla conversations and a brief one at that. It left me aching for more I know any subs reading this know exactly what I am talking about. I really want to just curl up under the covers and stay there today but life demands I be a functioning adult.

Drop is a easier to handle knowing I am owned than it was when I was playing with play partners. Daddy helped me to see this the last time we were together. I will explain in case it helps a submissive sister out there. During drop it helps to focus on the positives such as the memories of the awesome things you experienced and that you have a Dominant/ Master. I used to get caught up in the anxiety, depression and guilt, I still do to a degree. Now though I am focusing more on the positives and it helps the drop to balance out faster. It still happens and I still ache, but not as badly. Maybe i just need some chocolate. Not that chocolate could replace daddy!