Submissive Thoughts
2019-06-16 14:39:06 (UTC)


Daddy punished me Friday night for transgressions that occurred in the last two weeks while I was sick. I could not take as much as I wanted to which upset me, but I had to trust that all was forgiven. Something in me snapped for lack of a better term when daddy put his rope collar around my neck and tied me up for my punishment. I released all resistance and knew I was owned without a doubt. In no way did I enjoy the paddling I received. It was very different from any I had received before. The tone of disappointment cut me to the core.

We were able to spend most of the weekend together and I think the mood shifted and no matter what we are doing now I feel that underlying power daddy holds. Last night daddy made me spread my legs and my clit was throbbing and so sensitive I would normally have fought him off but instead I lay legs open and surrendered to daddy's torment. Life is so much sweeter now. I only need to remember my place and be a good girl.