2019-06-09 22:03:22 (UTC)

Prompt 027: Positive Change

27. What will have to change in the world to make sure the future is a better place for the next few generations? How can you contribute to that change?


I've sat on this one for some time. I can't settle for one answer (fortunately, the question didn't specifically limit me to "one solution").

I think of there being a barrier between absolute fiction and what I think of as "wishful thinking." As in, it's wishful thinking that the environment can be repaired, that humans will stop eating other animals, that governments will stop exploiting humans for so-called "economic growth," that men will finally leave women's bodies alone and/or acknowledge that no means no, that the United States will enact a workable universal health care plan, that fracking will never happen again, that people will stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, that the dinosaur of racism will finally gasp its final breath, that people will stop selling drugs to their own communities and therefore killing them.

Meanwhile, I can imagine what life would be like were I one of the Jetsons. Or one of the Flintstones. Or that the yellow spider I see wandering round the bathroom when I take a shower will someday want to sit down and have a chat with me.

It just seems easier to come up with something completely outlandish or utterly beyond my experience, than to slightly "tweak" reality and surmise what life would be like if that seemingly small change manifested.

Is this the definition of hopelessness? Is this the underlying subtext of me saying to myself, "Go big or go home"?