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2019-06-17 14:48:08 (UTC)

stream of conciousness

theres that one famous book thats stream of conciousness and features the thought of a person in a day.

i just want to get drunk or high ,
i mean i have a bottle of vodka hidden away and i had a shot sorta but i have school tomorrow. i havent been for five days (thats including sat and sunday) in a row. i missed the class photo yesterday. i forgot it was happening, im so fucking angry at myself and at everyone else for not giving me a heads up. three days i havent showed up and nobody checks in, makes me fucking sick when i try so hard to be nice and friendly, ,
its 12;52 AM and theres a tv show i want to watch more of but it only has one episode so far, its called Euphoria, it has zendaya and its about additction and gen z shit. very on brand for me.
i want to get drunk or high
or die but