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2019-06-16 17:26:19 (UTC)

Sorta almost on schedule

Well, I was on my way today with my schedule. Went to church. Had my awesome buffet at this place called "Tokyo Buffet". I love crab legs and the oysters there. Yes, we've heard about what oysters can do for you but it's all for nothing back at my place. haha. No action there. I do see my roomie walking around naked from time-to-time but eeuuwwwee. Not interested. I think mostly because she is a meanie and meanies are ugly in my head.

I went to the car wash but they were closed today. Forgot it was Father's day today. Oh well. Plan B? Didn't have one so when I got home, it was so nice out that I hit the hammock in the backyard. Below is a link to it :) I think it's a good plan b.

Here's one from my point of view. An irrelevant photo of the trees shot from the hammock :)

So, I turned Pandora on and listened to some tunes before falling into my power nap. Woke up to my parrot roommate that has only a select few words to say. One of them is how are you? Woke me up from my nap! Grrrr!!! hahaha. Took a few min but I squirmed around in my hammock for a few mint and I was right back deep into my power nap. Finally woke up because the sun was going down at an angle and the trees weren't completely blocking is anymore so it got a little too warm for me.

Went inside and poured a cold glass of white wine. Not sure what kind as long as it was cold. Roommate was babbling about something regarding her Sister and money so....... exist stage left for me. Went into my room. Not letting anyone ruin my Sunday afternoon.

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