Experienced Life
2019-06-16 08:35:34 (UTC)

Sunday schedule

Well, I'm still in bed drinking a cup of coffee. Not as good as meditating but much easier to do :) I see now that my posts have no wow factor anymore. I had some drama in the past and I would reread them from time-to-time to get me over any bumps on the road that seem to bubble up. Nowadays, I don't have no need to reread anything anymore. No reminders of lessons learned. Just my daily activities just to jot things down. Today is no different. haha

So today, I will go to church. After that, I will hit a buffet. I rocked it last week and went to the gym 6 times. My weight is below 155 lbs so today can be my cheat day. Not sure why peeps call pigging out a "cheat day". I think it's actually a celebrate your hard earned diet and exercise day.

Anyway, after the buffet, I'll pay to get my truck to get washed then go home and hand wax it myself. I'm not into manual labor but this is fun and I like waxing my truck in the garage listening to music while doing so. It's like therapy. Not sure if it's a guy thing but whatever it takes to find my inner peace. I have to take breaks as I do sections of my truck a little at a time for the wax to set in. I kill that time by jump roping.

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