Do Not Disturb

2019-06-15 15:44:35 (UTC)


Feelings... Let’s talk bout feelings.

My feelings and how their being ignored by everyone that I thought once cared or at least do “ care”. Or isn’t caring enough.

Do they even matter ?

I can never tell anyone how I feel because it’ll ruin things and even my relationship with JT and that’s what it’s doing thus far just because I told my boyfriend how I feel about us and our relationship and that’s why he’s so distance from me now. I have no problem with him telling me how he feel.. So... What difference does it make ???

Is it because he’s a guy and I’m a girl and they don’t talk about such things as feelings?

I guess guys aren’t into those type of things... Feelings. At least most guys and my bf is one of those guys.

It’s worse that I can’t even go on this cruise. Oh yea... Did you hear ???

The cruise is officially sold out.

Whatever. And I was really looking forward to going but now it’s to late.

I feel like shit right now.

This diary is the only thing I have that I can actually tell my feelings to since no one else seems to give a flying shit about it or them.

He says the reason why he’s so distance from me is because I say the same thing over and over again. Well, I wouldn’t have to say the same thing over and over again if, you actually respond to them.

Sometimes he does. Sometimes he doesn’t or sometimes he’ll just not respond or just flats out ignore them.

Or how he’ll just view my stories on messenger and/ or Snapchat. That’s some messed up shit right their .

Taylor Swift is having a new album coming out August 23 so that’s at least something to be happy for this will be her seventh album... I think.... Yea.

She’s already released her second song from the album that had came out on YouTube and she announced that their will be a video for that same song on Monday morning and you bet your ass I’m getting that CD no doubt about it because... Why not ???

2:39 AM

I just got off an hour or so ago and I’m tired as fuck just had to make this quick little entry here that I was suppose to make earlier but I got caught up in job related things and then I work tomorrow morning from 10-4.


At least I get paid Monday.



- A

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