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2019-06-15 22:33:32 (UTC)

Busy Saturday

I actually made it to gym class this morning. I didn't recover from the day before's workout. They say it take 23 hrs for your body to recover. You know what? I'm a believer. We worked on quads yesterday. Today, more of the same so I was feeling it before we even started. I was reminded if I want the yearly discount, I have till Monday to sign up for it. It's 888 for a year and a 3 day package in Vegas if I do sign up. That makes it 74 bucks a month. If I went with a monthly rate, it's around 130 a month I think.

After gym, had to go grocery shopping. Chicken, broccoli, and misc stuff. A bag of broccoli and a stripped rotisserie chicken lasts me 5 great meals. I even boil the carcass so I have a pot of broth too. From Costco, total cost is about 10 bucks :)

Then I go a haircut and colored my hair. Yup, getting old so I gotta hide the gray :( Had to to get my car smogged. Not sure if I'll be capable in July to do it in case I'm in the hospital. Got home and saw the stray cat waiting for me to feed her. Went to grab a can of cat food mixed with dry food and low and behold, I'm out of canned cat food. So off I go again to the market to pick up cat food for my stray cat.

Got a call from my roommate's Sister. She told me that my roomie ran out of money that she had. Now she's on Social Security and a very limited amount of funds from the Parent's mobile home sale. But the money she had was used up going to the pizza parlor and buying and drinking tequila. So she warned me her Sister was going to be coming home a bitch. She tried to pay for her tab and her card had insufficient funds.

Wasn't in the mood for that crap. I'm already depressed with my current issues so I went to the cheap seats theater and watch Captain Marvel for 3.99. Just got home a little while ago and I know it's past my roomie's bedtime so it's safe for at least tonight. :)

Keeping busy is good. Made not miss my kiddos on this Father's Day and didn't think about my ex. So yeah, taking it one day at a time.

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