memento mori

memento mori
2019-06-15 08:01:34 (UTC)


I just finished Noragami today and I feel empty. I actually liked all the animes I watched ever since I started with haikyuu!! It seems like my interests changed a lot. I can't believe Yato and Levi has the same voice actor and the similarity with Dazai and Yato is uncanny, and the difference is vivid too. I actually liked Dazai because of his dark humor that makes it sound like an easy laughable comedy. I may have no deep sense of what I like about him but I really respect his character. Anime boys are basically just troubled children who had a rough childhood and seek peace with their past. YATORI ftw!!!!!! Soukoku too.

Kidding aside, I'm really anxious about everything's going on right now. I hope I'm a fast learner so I don't fall behind the lessons and I don't embarrass myself with my stupidity. I hope I can collect the courage to answer, to not plan ahead obsessively and to always feel okay when unprepared for situations. Life's full of surprises, I cannot plan ahead of those...right

I wanna help myself but when?