Experienced Life
2019-06-14 20:44:22 (UTC)

New Friends

So... my gym peeps invited me to hang with them for some brewskis after work. I hit the gym first Did my thang... then I found out that the micro brewery is only 3 min away. Soooo... yeah.!!! I hit that!! Had my share of drinks and snacks, and shit. Got to mingle with the women there. Actually, I sort of had a little thing with this cutie there. Might be nothing. Just nice to hang with women that I think are cute and are new to my social circle.

So.... we chatted. She's available I think she's maybe Eastern Indian. I dunno. I do know she's slim and cute and that's all a dude needs. Probably won't see or hear from her again. But.. I do know that I was myself and if she thinks I'm cool enough to want to see again, I'm there. The good thing is I don't have to pretend who the hell I am. Next time I see her, I'll be the same person I presented myself as tonight I like that. No bullshitting around. No pretending. Just me being me. Heck yeah!!!!!

Good day today. I take it one day at a time and today was a good day. :)

Roomie was being a bee-aaatch again. No clue why. 1/2 a brain makes you a full on bee-aatch!!! Whatever. Not my problem. I got my own thing to do. I just try to keep the peace at home. Not sure if I'll make tomorrow morning's 8AM gym class. 8AM is pretty brutal for making it to the gym. I went 5 tims this week. That actually is more than good enough. I'm just used to 5 days a week so I actually feel like I'm slacking. Anyway, working out a lot just means more cheat days on the weekend. Yeah!!! PARTY ON GARTH!!!!

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