Submissive Thoughts
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2019-06-14 14:35:58 (UTC)


Last night the Big Kahuna added a punch to the leather collar he bought me and put it on my neck. I am so amazed at how my whole being shifts when a collar is placed upon my neck. I felt every ounce of resistance and smart assiness <is that a word?> dissipate. Once the leather encircled my neck my only thought was of serving my Master and being his good little slut. I can't wait to feel the collar on my neck again.

Collars are a funny thing. When I first got into bdsm it was just a piece of equipment. However, the more I have explored and the more I have thought about having a Master of my very own the more significant that symbol has become in my eyes. Last night the Big Kahuna said we needed to get me a new collar. We talked briefly about if it would be one I could wear everyday and he asked if I wanted that. I said I wasn't sure but the more I think about it, like I wrapped the leather one to bring to his house tonight and wanted so bad to feel it on my neck. I think I might like something I could wear everyday never take off unless he removes it. It would not have to lock, in fact I would prefer it didn't but something I could keep on and a separate " play collar" of course, that is all up to daddy. I am just rambling here to get my thoughts out.

The feeling of the collar was so overwhelming I wanted to write about it so I remember. Remember the feeling of my speech being taken away, my heart getting caught in my throat and my resistance fading as you wrapped the collar around my throat Master.

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