Experienced Life
2019-06-12 18:59:09 (UTC)

Enjoying the moment

So I'm following a guy on youtube that has been pretty helpful. He's talking about enjoying the moment in life. Not stressing about what you want or what you lost or worrying so much. He just said there is now and how are you while living in the "Now". So today at the gym, it was like a blessing. My Superstar friend at the gym that is also believing in Christianity was there today. Also, someone left out water guns with a bucket of water. Of course, my light hearted Superstar friend just couldn't help it.

She kept spraying me and my friend with it all session long. Our coach didn't even seem to mind. She and my other friend just kept at it all session long. It was so stupid and so fun. I don't even remember working out. All we were doing was avoiding getting sprayed. Next thing you know, we were done working out. haha. This was the funnest time ever at the gym.

So I let my superstar friend shoot me all session long. Little did she know I already told my friend to hold her while I pour my bottle of iced beverage down her back. I told him to hold her back really good because I was going to pour in inside her shirt. Now my beverage is not a small little water bottle. It's a 128 ounce container 1/2 ice 1/2 of my drink similar to gatorade but no sugar added. So at the end of the session, my friend holds on to her and I attack and pull her shirt out and pour my entire drink along with the ice down her back :) I mean I purposely didn't drink my drink during workout just so that I could pour it down her shirt.

We all couldn't stop laughing. It was a blast. Even on our way home, she was texting me and I was texting back laughing at the stupid stuff we did. I jokingly say we are the cool kids of our session but I have to say we were the cool kids today. We actually had a great workout but with all the laughing and playing around, it didn't even feel like we worked out.

This is what life is. This is enjoying the moment. This is true happiness without anxiety and worry. I'm so thankful for one day of this. I thank God I have great friends that can make any situation into a fun situation. It was a great day today.

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