taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2019-06-12 20:03:16 (UTC)

cute as heck

talking to babes on line and being very anxious about it. my new favourite past time. can we seriously cut to the part where we aren't selling our goddamn selves, because all my goods are damaged and the receipts were lost in the flood. getting fucking old manish. mike turned 40 today. what the fuck! why did that happen. Ho

the worst part of shrooming is seeing a way beyond this ego bullshit, but falling back into the same patterns. insights are great, but at what cost? WHAT COST!

also, the ex messaged me about some cmt- based mail she thought I might want forwarded.. considerate. did she want me to engage in a dialogue? doubtful, but i'll never know.

pps maddie haircut daze always fill up the tank a little bit.