Experienced Life
2019-06-12 05:58:07 (UTC)


Haven't said or seen much of roommate these past few days which is good. I plan it that way. I'm way too busy so that's good. When I come home, I just hang in my room for a couple of hrs and she goes to bed early. This has been good. I feel much better when I don't have to deal with her. She can just get drunk and pass out as she usually does. She drinks 1/2 a bottle of tequila a day. I don't care. She can fuck her life up I guess. She had brain surgery and before that, I can tell she was just a mean old soul. So drink up I guess. Just leave me the hell alone except once a month when your rent is due. haha.

Otherwise, this week is going by pretty quickly considering. The gym is doing wonders keeping my stress level down. I'm going to miss it when I'm out for a few months I'm sure the depression will be even worse. I won't be able to see my gym friends except for the few I really got close to. They may visit me at the hospital or when I get home. That's pretty cool huh? From just going to the gym to them coming over to have dinner and hang out with each other. Texting at night about how our day is or how it went. That puts a smile on my face.

Well, it's time for coffee. Then get ready for work. Just thought I'd post my rambling mind this morning.