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2019-06-12 04:59:17 (UTC)


As the rest of the night follows, the party carries into birthday lady's house. Some of us were too intoxicated to drive, like me, and so we carpooled. Suspenders had me all to himself in his truck. It wasn't a very far drive. We showed up first. Met some people in the garage. The party was inside the house. While in there, I remember a beer pong game going on and some people in the kitchen. I kept being called to the couch by an acquaintance from work. I spoke with her and we pretended to be lesbians so that the man who was trying to talk her into sleeping with him would leave her alone. It worked for the most part. I didn't pay attention to suspenders for the rest of the night. My new girl friend had given me a ride to my car after we grabbed breakfast. It was a pretty fun time. We all had to go into work for 11AM so 3 hours of sleep was not the most intelligent way to go to work but at least we all suffered together.
The following week claimed Independence day. There was a concert in the stadium that day and birthday girl had a few tickets left over. I was invited the night of the party but I assumed it was an intoxicated decision, so I didn't investigate to find out much after. That day I get a text saying to enjoy my holiday, sincerely, suspenders.
" What are you up to today?"
" Well, I was scheduled to work. Change of plans. Just going to relax the rest of the day."
" You aren't going to the concert?"
" Well, I was invited last week but she probably gave her extra tickets away."
Not even 15 minutes pass and birthday girl texts me and says she has a ticket with my name on it. I said that is real convenient. Then not 2 minutes after that, he sends me: Well, hope you have a nice night!
As if to say he didn't know or have anything to do with orchestrating. I later find out he told her to invite me. It was a night on the field. I met his kids for the first time. We all went back to her house after the concert. The kids had some time to themselves and suspenders and I eventually took our business to the upstairs bedroom. I remember it like it was last night. It wasn't special but if I can remember it, maybe it did make an overall impression on me. I left shortly after and I began to see him less and less.

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