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2019-06-11 20:48:29 (UTC)

My friend sent his kids away

So my friend (sort of) is very sick. Not a close friend. Just someone I knew for years now. He was in our meetup group. He has two kids both girls. I guess he was kicked out of this place that was letting him live for free. Not sure what happened but it go ugly and he and the girls had to leave. I told her ex gf about it because she deserve's to know. She felt sad but said it was inevitable. He lived that kind of a life so he has to face it (from what she said anyway).

I also told her that he sent his kids away to Seattle. Rumorshas it, the Mom already has kids to take care of with some other guy and she is supposed to be a druggie. Not sure what the truth is. Multiple people may be lying so who knows. His ex gf said that they are two good girls and that I should take care of them. She said it will make me more desirable to women with two kids being taken care of. I disagreed and told her that nobody wants anyone else's luggage. I stand a better chance being single and available to a future partner is I didn't have kids next to me. In fact, I couldn't believe the bullshit she was trying to dump on me. Yeah right!! I'd be more attractive taking care of someone else's kids!! How stupid does she think I am? lol I didn't get any more texts after that. I guess she knew she was just pouring the snowjob a little too strong on me.

I deleted my profile on pop and zoosk. I will try one more place just to see. I think it's called "bagels meets coffee". You get a limited bunch of possible choices per day and you can't text anyone that doesn't like you back. So that's a good thing. No wasting of time flirting with people that don't even like you to begin with. Anyway, my last shot and we shall see how this goes. Not putting any hopes in it and with my pending surgery, I doubt I'll be any good to anyone till after I heal.

Otherwise, work was slow. Gym was freaking hot. It was 107 degrees outside today. Gym class wasn't all that large today. Hard to workout when it's this hot. Not me though. I came early and stayed later for more cardio.

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