Experienced Life
2019-06-10 19:14:06 (UTC)

Same old same old Monday "_

Not a bad Monday. Dentist appointment first thing in the morning. Not the best start of the day but I'm just trying to keep as healthy as I can. Went to work and a lot of servers were down. I guided the server team to the problem. It wasn't a Network issue and pointed it towards the storage. Well, I was right. Something was wrong and they had to reroute the storage connection and voila, everything was working again. Don't know what they did to break it but as long as it wasn't me, I'm good. Enough about work. Boring.... but then again, I get paid pretty good so I can't bitch about it.

Work went quickly and before I knew it, the day is over. Went to the gym after work. A lot of peeps were congratulating me for becoming member of the month. That was nice. I did work my ass off and somehow, my weight has been pretty good this month. There might be a small chance I'll even hit 150 lbs. That's 10 lbs below what I was averaging all year. Hope it's the fat going away. Anyway, I breezed through today's workout. All good. In fact, after eery workout, I've always felt good. I'm going to be in a world of hurt after surgery is what I'm thinking. Not because of the surgery but because I can't workout for 6 weeks. Yipes!!!!

Regarding seeing the ex gf last weekend, I think I'm ok. no residual hangups. At least I don't think so. She don't deserve me. It's her problem. She won't find anyone as qualified as I am. Financially, sexual endurance, compatibility, friendliness, etc, etc. I'm good for now at least. Ego sometimes fucks with me.

Tomorrow is another day. Making more new friends at the gym. Trying to be a social butterfly. I used to just let friendship come to me but now that I'm extending my friendship olive branch, I'm getting more new friends than I ever had :) haha.

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