Submissive Thoughts
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2019-06-10 19:14:13 (UTC)


The Big Kahuna and I had a brief discussion last night on what constitutes humiliation/ degradation. It got me thinking how something that can be seen as extremely hot in one moment can feel icky in another moment. Certain things that cause insecurities are also not pleasurable and can cause pain when used by a Dom as humiliation. When we are giving control to someone and when someone is taking that control I feel it is important to discuss these things so no one is unintentionally hurt. Doms are not mind readers as much as they would like to be and we as submissives sometimes think they are.

I love to get into humiliation but I don't enjoy being belittled. Another submissive might like that. I like pain but not every day. Then again it is not about what I like or want in a given moment but what The Big Kahuna wants. As our relationship grows I am sure we will laugh at the conversations we are having now and the bumps we experience as we learn each other. Finding the balance in any relationship is key. I really do not know how I got here when I started this blog talking about humiliation. . .

Back to humiliation . . . things I find humiliating but exciting :
*being forced to eat out of a dog bowl
*being pissed on
*being stripped and inspected
*having my body talked about like I am a piece of meat
*being made to show off my body to daddy
*being used as an object
*being reduced to a servant
*having eye contact restricted

There are more I just can't think of them now

Things I find humiliating but repulse me in a bad way
*being made fun of for being disabled
*anything that suggests I am weak or not good enough