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2019-06-09 15:16:31 (UTC)


I feel like when I want to talk about everything, there a few thoughts that enter. One is: I can't lie. I don't want to but if I was that person, I couldn't. Two: I can't deny the way I felt. The way that any of it made me feel. Whether it made me feel numb or excited, it was real. Three: I never thought how much it would take to really know someone. I know him, and the only thing that scares me is that I am the only one who does.
Almost two years. Although, if I'm the only one who really knows him, and its everyone else who doesn't, then my ability to write and speak is worth all the words I can and cannot say.

We met at work exactly 2 years ago. We worked in a popular restaurant in town. He was a trainer the day I met him. He and I didn't train together but he trained the other members of my orientation. All of them trained for serving and I hosted. If you have worked in a busy enough restaurant, unless it's just my experience, there is a clique-ish vibe. I'll do my best to cover them all. You have BOH- back of house: The cooks, dishwashers, prep. FOH- front of house: hosts, bussers, servers, bartenders. Managers are their own. In each section, there are supervisors and trainers. I've never worked in BOH so I can't speak for them but I can say that the FOH seperates people into a few social groups. The kids: anyone under 21, mostly hosts and bussers. The rest: 21 and above.
It's easier to confuse when someone isn't in the 21 and over ONLY positions. You can hardly tell anyone's age. From what others shared with me, it was easy to assume I was younger because of my job title. The only seperation was how I carried myself and spoke.
A couple days into my training, a group of four comes up to the host stand to say hello. Three of them are orientation crew and their trainer. He wore suspenders. He was definitely different from everyone else. I can't remember what he said exactly but I remember he and I laughed. Part of server training is showing them how rotation works, so he visited the host stand periodically. That's how him and I started.

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