Do Not Disturb

2019-06-09 04:04:47 (UTC)

I Need To Get Something Off My Chest...

So, me and bae talked today well more like text he was saying how I was being annoying just because I kept calling him when he doesn’t like being on the phone like that. Me his girlfriend. Well, excuse me if I wanna hear your voice all the time because we haven’t been on the phone like we use to and he doesn’t even know how much that hurts me but turns out he only be on the phone because I wanna be on the phone with him that’s what he told me at least. He thinks it’s such a crime to do so. He also said how clingy I was because of it.

Am I to clingy just because I wanna be on the phone with my boyfriend ???

I’m just not gonna call him anymore and then what upsets me even more is that when I text him he doesn’t text back at least only when he gets the chance to even when it sometimes says that he be so- called “ active”.

But... Does it mean that he’s actually active ???

All answers apply.

- A

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