2019-06-08 17:42:12 (UTC)

Prompt 026: Wave of the Future

26. What do you think will be the next big invention or the wave of the future? How would your life change if you were the one to create such a

I'll write about something that's been on my mind lately. I've read only briefly or in snippets that there are ways to create a child without the involvement of a male gamete (a human ovum can be fertilized without traditional sperm cells). I wonder what life would be like if that were the case. Imagine if I were to create an affordable, viable method for a woman to become pregnant without a man - or his sperm - anywhere near her. This is particularly interesting to consider nowadays, when anti-abortion dipshits are all over the news again with their beliefs and saber-rattling (oh, and protesting, and blockading of clinics, and burning down clinics, and dragging women out of clinics, and attacking doctors that perform abortions, and stupid-ass laws that send doctors that perform abortions to prison for 99 years, and, and, and...).

What a world that would be: hilarious, victorious, furious, violent, different.

RELIGION: What a blow to organized religions of the world, eh? They'd immediately lash out at women and birth centers/hospitals that support women with this procedure, proclaiming the children as "not human" and/or "not as God intended" or some other hogwash. Militant Christians would attack women who have gone through the procedure, maybe even going as far as killing the unborn children or forcing "mass miscarriages" because those unborn are "demons" or perversions of Gods gift of life, or something like that (oh, the irony...).

MEN: Violence in retaliation to women who want to separate completely from men - including those delusional men who "feel like they are a woman." Increased inferiority of men, who feel like they have no purpose because their ability to sire children is no longer required for a woman to feel the "gratification and privilege" of pregnancy and childbirth. Men would seek out and attack exes who broke up with them in the past and later had the procedure, complaining to anyone who will listen that the women lied to them, deceived them, etc. when they said they didn't want children. News Flash: she just didn't want to make a kid WITH YOU.

On the flip side, what if married men unable to conceive with their wives forced her to become impregnated with some other relative's cells to "keep it in the family"? The public facade is that of a happily married couple - including the virile husband - while in truth he forced his wife to live the bizarre lie of having carried a child sired by someone other than her husband. Could this be argued as adultery? Cuckolding? An odd, quasi-legal hybrid of both that isn't considered grounds for divorce? What if the wife had the procedure done without her husband's knowledge or permission?

Oh, and how long before men themselves lobby to fund the research that allows men to become pregnant? The "X Prize" for Male Pregnancy? The underground human trafficking for organ theft of women's wombs to supply these men with the biological capacity for raising children inside their own bodies? The men with c-section scars after this finally becomes successful?

INSURANCE: Would this be considered an "elective procedure"? Would women advocate for themselves that "it's a woman's right to birth children"?

WOMEN: Will there finally be a motivated "separatist" movement among women? Would there be decentralized pockets of militant females who isolate themselves and their communities from the reach of men? Will men revolt and attempt to crush these communities by force, or by making them illegal?

Will there be militant cells of women warriors that evolve, making it their life's mission to eradicate men from the face of the Earth, once and for all?